Mansfield Animal Hospital

Mansfield Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Mansfield, MA. The professional and courteous staff at Mansfield Animal Hospital seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Mansfield Animal Hospital strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Mansfield and surrounding areas and has been doing this for 40 years.

Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Mansfield Animal Hospital can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

Our goal at Mansfield Animal Hospital is to provide complete, competent, and compassionate care for our patients.  To this end, we employ a loving, caring staff to administer state of the art diagnostics and treatments tailored to the specific needs of the patient.  We also offer in-house accessibility to specialists, such as a cardiologist and a board certified surgeon.  We strive to be the best we can be and do the most for our patients and their human guardians.

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  • Dr. Stanley Sohn


    A native of Milton, Massachusetts, Dr. Stanley Sohn always had an interest in caring for animals.  As a young child, he would take in injured animals and help them before releasing them back into their natural environment.  During his school years he volunteered at the Trailside Museum.  After graduating from high school he attended Purdue University where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1973.  After graduation he returned to Massachusetts to work for both Dr. Lloyd'¬ôs Animal Hospital in Stoughton and Lombard Animal Hospital in Newton.  In 1975 he opened the Mansfield Animal  Hospital.

    Along with his wife Linda, he has been breeding, raising, and showing champion Papillon dogs.  His dogs have won many top awards in the United States, Mexico and Europe, including winning Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club on five different occasions.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1975
    DVM Purdue University
  • Linda Sohn

    Office Manager

    I enjoy working side by side with our staff.  Without these wonderful and dedicated individuals, we would not be the success we are today.

    It is important to each and every one of us that you and your pet have a good experience while in our care. We look forward to meeting you and your pet.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1987
    Pet Care Industry
  • Meagan

    Veterinary Technician

    I have been working in the veterinary field since 2005.  I didn't realize how passionate I was about this field until I began working in it.  My previous work experience is a 24 hour specialty hospital in Boston.

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as all the animals in my life (Seger, Nikki, Ridley, Chloe).
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2005
  • Lauren

    Veterinary Technician

    I have been working with animals since 2010.  My love and passion for taking care of animals, as well as giving them a voice, has pushed me to continue working towards my goal of becoming a Veterinary Technician.  I plan to continue with schooling to obtain the knowledge I need to excel in this profession. 

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs , Louie and Leia and hanging with my family.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2010
  • Darlene


    I have been a receptionist for many years. My hobbies are being with my dogs and competing in agility with my Papillon "Fabulous".  We have earned many titles.  Having the privilege to work in this field has been something I've wanted to do forever!!!!

    It is my pleasure to book your appointments at Mansfield Animal Hospital.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 20, 2014
  • Bree


    I began working at Mansfield Animal Hospital in June 2015.  In my short time here I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful pet owners and their amazing pets.  I have always been an animal lover.  This job has brought so much reward to my life, I am thankful everyday for being in the animal care business. 

    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and all of my animals.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2015
  • Kaylene


    I have been working as a receptionist at Mansfield Animal Hospital since 2014.  I find it very fun and rewarding to be able to work with so many great pet owners.  I have always loved animals and have been involved with the sport of dogs since I was 10 years old. 

    One of my greatest accomplishments is breeding Ragdoll cats.  I have been breeding Ragdolls since 2013 and plan on continuing to make it part of my life.  You might know one of the cats I bred, Goliath the hospital cat, he is a great example of the breed. 

    One of my hobbies is dog shows.  I compete in dog shows almost every weekend with my Australian Shepherd, Kitty, who comes to work with me everyday.  I get to travel all around the country and show many different breeds of dogs. 

    Working with animals is a blessing, I absolutely love what I do. 

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2014
  • Sophia


    I was born in 2010 and have been working since I was 2.  I'm constantly checking on our customers making sure their needs are constantly met. 

    I have a great love for babies.  Kittens are my absolute favorite.  I wish I could have a litter of kittens all to myself. 

    In my spare time I like to sit on laps, sunbathe, and give lots of kisses.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2012
  • Goliath

    Resident slacker

    I was born in 2014 and have been working since I was 12 weeks old.  Actually I'm not a worker, I'm the resident slacker.  If there is work to be done don't count on me to do it.  I'm sure you'll find me just lounging around the hospital. 

    In my spare time I enjoy sleeping, eating, drinking water from the faucet and playing with my best friend London.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2014
  • Beamer

    Assistant Slacker

    I've been in the animal industry since I was just a little kitten.  I was originally living at Kozy Kennels but moved up to the animal hospital because my friend Goliath was lonely. 

    I'm a slacker just like my side kick Goliath.  I enjoy just lounging and not assisting with anything.  Occasionally you'll see me and Goliath chasing each other and playing but mostly I'm lounging, sleeping or eating. 

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2012
  • Martin

    Toy chaser

    I was born in 2012 and have been working since I was 6 months old.  I love coming to work every day.  I have the best job in the world.  I get to see all my friends and have lunch with them. 

    In my spare time I enjoy playing fetch, chasing Kitty and playing hide and seek with Meagan and Michele

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2012
  • London

    Security guard

    I was born in 2014 and have been working my whole life.  Goliath is my best friend.  He and I play every day, he's the first person I go looking for when I get to work. 

    In my spare time I like getting belly rubs, being brushed, putting my hair in a pony tail and chasing Martin in the back yard.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2014
  • Bleu


    I was born in 2016 and so far have been working my whole life.  I love all my friends at the hospital but I have to say that my mom, London, is my best friend. 

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2016
  • Felix

    Noise maker

    I was born in 1980 and have been working for a long time.  I love learning new things to say and whistle.  All those noises you hear out back are usually me trying to get attention.  I hate being alone. 

    In my spare time I like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, flap my wings, fight with Goliath and ring the bells in my cage.

    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1980